All About Soccer (Association Football)

guy kicking soccer ball

Soccer is one of the most important international games. It has a huge following, with millions of people playing casually and professionally around the world. It is watched by billions of people through their television sets or at a soccer stadium. The World Cup attracts billions of people watching around the world. It has become a huge international event.

The problem with some of us in the United States is that we don't care about soccer as much as we do about other sports like American football, basketball, or baseball. However, the national team participating in the World Cup has been improving over the last few years. Attention to the sport has been increasing at an alarming rate. You will find more school teams and more national interest than you could have ten years ago. It is an exciting time to be involved in soccer, if that's your interest.


Soccer has a long history that dates back to the Greek and Roman times. Each culture had a game very similar to modern soccer. There were other cultures like those in China, Japan, and Australia that also had their own version of the game. It wasn't until much later that it was standardized.


The gameplay for soccer is relatively simple. You try to get the ball between the goal posts of the opposing team. Players will try to block you or get the ball away from you. You can't touch the ball with your arms, but other than that, everything is fair game.


You can foul out in a game if you break the rules or fail to act civilly towards the other players. Failure to do so could potentially excuse a player for the rest of the game. There are some ways to break rules of conduct outside of the game as well.